It would be helpful for quick processing if you have specific ideas.

However, you do not have to have thought through everything down to the last detail, you are very welcome to use our experience and creativity.

If you are in the early stages of your project, this is not a problem either. We would be happy to work with you on your project right from the start.

Of course! Describe your concerns to our team by telephone +49 (0) 40 30 927 022 or by e-mail contact@oskargallodesign.com and we will endeavor to realize your special request.

We are happy to help you find the right product for your project. Our team will be happy to support you in your search to find the right product for you.

If you already have files available, e.g. a logo, you can send it to us as a PDF, PNG or JPEG file and attach it to your email or contact form.

Graphic design

No, it does not exist. You can order smaller quantities from us or have large orders processed.

You are welcome to do that! It is also recommended for certain products. You should only note that certain products, such as a beach flag or individual vehicle inscriptions are not possible. In small order quantities, you incur pre-printing costs such as setup or programming costs as well as processing costs for the proof sample. However, these are usually very low.

Another service from Oskar Gallo Design for you is that you do not incur any delivery costs for printed products. For deliveries outside the Federal Republic of Germany, delivery fees apply depending on the country. For further information you can contact us: contact@oskargallodesign.com

You decide where the delivery should go. There are no restrictions on our part. Just consider the delivery costs as described in point 7.

Web design

The abbreviation SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the English term for search engine optimization. In the case of search engine optimization, the content and technology of the website is adjusted so that it achieves a better ranking in the results of known search engines. This leads to a higher visibility, so that potential customers can be reached. 

In addition to the position, the level of correspondence between the search term chosen by the user and the relevance of your website is important. The sustainability of search engine optimization occurs when the user can efficiently solve his task on the website or receives his information.

Basically, better SEO optimization means better visibility of your own website in search results. Below we describe four reasons why the topic of search engine optimization is important for many companies:

Customer acquisition

For many companies, Google or search engines are the most important channel for attracting users to their own website, so a higher ranking is relevant for reaching potential customers.

Customer access

Users who come to your website via search engines are more interested in reaching your desired goal on your website. Finally, the search result led the users to your website. Therefore, the content of your website must meet the search criteria of the user.

Goal-oriented marketing

For most companies, search engines are the most important source to bring users to specific products / services via certain search terms. This means that detailed search engine optimization tailored to your customers can often reach customers of a niche product.

Defined target groups

In order to address the right customers, it is important to understand the needs of the customers and to adapt the content of the website. Certain search terms, the so-called keywords, are included in the website in order to be visible to defined customers, such as certain products, e.g. a beach flag or individual vehicle inscriptions are not possible. In small order quantities, you incur pre-printing costs such as setup or programming costs as well as processing costs for the proof sample. However, these are usually very low.

On page & off page optimizations improve the ranking of your website. 

A distinction is made between two analysis variants and optimization options.We use the potential of both variants for ideal SEO optimization. 

The goal of both variants is to improve the quality of your website in all respects in order to give you a competitive advantage.

This optimization improves the internal content such as text, images, videos, keywords, headings, internal links and much more.

This optimization focuses on strengthening the external factors that lead to a better ranking, such as loading time, backlinks, social networks and much more.

Be visible with your website anywhere and for everyone. With the help of professional search engine optimization from Oskar Gallo Design you can reach new potential customers all over the world.

Responsive web design ensures the uniform display of content on a website. In doing so, we design the layout of the website flexibly so that it offers constant user friendliness on the desktop, tablet and smartphone and the content can be quickly and ideally recorded by the visitor.