Your advantages


A secure data exchange between you and your customers to strengthen trust.


A professionally created website that meets all today's standards and looks ahead innovatively.


A website that appears in search engines and has a user-friendly loading speed.


With WordPress we offer you a modern and user-friendly content management system.

Responsive Design

With responsive design, we guarantee the uniform display of your content on different devices.


A web shop where you can ideally market your products, of course everything is automated.


Give your website your corporate DNA. Oskar Gallo Design adapts your website ideally to your company and approaches the optimal accessibility of your customers. We take many factors into account in order to adapt your website to your personal and individual needs.







Speed optimization

The loading times for mobile devices have to be specially adjusted, since mobile phones usually have less data volume on the go and therefore the page has to load faster.

Responsive Design

The presentation of your website is adapted and optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


The content of your website is displayed in a structured order. All properties are retained to ensure the function on mobile devices.

User friendly

Texts and images are adapted to the size of the screen resolution. The design is maintained by revising the fonts and spacing.


The peculiarities of mobile devices are used to generate context-related added value for the user.

Simple & efficient

Complex elements such as Contact forms are simplified so that the user is not faced with a major cognitive challenge.

Website maintenance


SEO optimization, since search engines pay attention to whether websites are adapted to the user at regular intervals and are therefore more attractive.

Regular care and maintenance of websites takes time. Startups, the self-employed as well as small and medium-sized companies can use this time more effectively and sensibly by concentrating on their day-to-day business.

As specialists in website care and maintenance, we are at your side and support you with our services so that you can fully focus on your day-to-day business and further increase your sales.

Your advantages

Graphics & pictures

Installation, exchange and addition of pictures & graphics.

SEO optimized

On page and off page care for better visibility.

Texts & content

Change & revision of your texts (SEO conform).

CMS Updates

Current software and CMS through regular updates.

Data backup

Backup & restore of the website with backups.

24h Monitoring

An availability check of your website takes place around the clock.

Contact Person

A personal contact for questions & matters.

Product care

We maintain & expand your product range.

Security scans

Regular scans give you and your users security.


Numerous new viruses endanger your website and can deter your users. It is not without reason that websites with viruses are rated worse by search engines so that users are not harmed.

Even if you think your website is safe, viruses can reach users in different ways, such as Contact forms, various buttons and much more.

With regular maintenance and security scans, such dangers can be quickly eliminated and increase your customers’ trust. You also avoid bad search engine rankings.